Corsa Captain's Call - Full Factory Spec System for Caravelle Interceptor 232 (2004-2009)

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This is a full Captain's Call system setup to the original Caravelle Factory Specs for 2004-2009 Interceptor 232 equipped with a Mercury 350 MAG (let us know what motor you have this also works on the other engine options Caravelle offered)


This kit includes the following:

2 Diverters (both sides different to accommodate for the XPV hull)
2 4inch Rolled Edge Tips with 25 degree Flange
2 Hoses (for connecting diverter to tip)
8 Clamps (for diverter/tip connection)
All Electronic wiring pre-wired to hook to dash, switch and battery
Includes Owner's Package (paperwork)


** How-To Install video coming soon.